Site Monitor Series II

Site Monitor Series II assists communication network owners and operators in detecting and preventing failures before they happen.


Complex communication networks are broken down into logical levels of access within the SCADA system. Using colour coding and friendly symbols, specific areas of the network may be easily interpreted and faults logically isolated. From the Network Screen to the fault location is a path of minimal selection from the mouse.

Omnitronics Interface

A three level system alarm allows an operator to see at a glance whether an alarm is currently off, currently on or has been previously acknowledged. Further consideration is available within the alarm logging records for historical fault analysis or detection.

From the alarm pages, password protected access to the system control functions can be enabled. These control functions can provide remote switching for standby or backup hardware such as off line TTRs, standby power supplies or resetting of circuit breakers.


A Pentium based SCADA PC terminal running the Windows NT/95 operating system and the CITECT Industrial Automation package provides the hub of the SMS II system. The Omnitronics 9000 Telemetry Series provides the I/O accumulation and the communication networking for the system. These provide a marriage of well-proven and widely accepted Australian designs.

Each customer's specific application can be tailored to their needs. Communication parameters, network structure, PC interface, remote I/O and screen layouts are all variables to be defined and configured for each operational requirement.


The 619 Audio Bridge also provides the remote site audio switching to support TTR redundancy. Omnitronics have also designed a temperature transducer for the monitoring of site conditions and a battery performance interface providing battery charge, battery discharge and bank voltage.

Omnitronics Main/Standby Switching Diagram


Typically a communication network comprises a number of independent channels emanating from a control hub. The Omnitronics 619 Audio Bridge can be controlled from the hub station pre-processor to interrogate only the channel that contains the relevant remote unit. This greatly reduces network air time of the SCADA system.


The 9000 Telemetry Series is interchangeable as the remote station I/O accumulator. Both analogue and digital I/O have been manipulated to provide the complete picture of a remote installation. Again, application software can be installed to the client's requirement.

Communications to and from the remote is event driven (report by exception) or polled on a sequential basis. Alarm conditions are immediately reported and logged into the SCADA package.

Accumulators within the telemetry remote unit provide transmitter duty cycles. This enables site battery storage requirements to be confirmed. Trending and archiving graphs of analogue data provides the ability to quickly compare related system information. These graphs are plotted in real time.


Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Solar cell performance

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Transmitter output power

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Transmitter reflected power

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point RSSI

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Battery storage and voltage

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Site temperature

Omnitronics have again developed this solution with direct input from the Emergency Services. This has been engineered from the practical requirements of clients and not the perceived ideas of engineers. This quality communication product range is just another innovative electronic solution from Omnitronics.

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