PS915 24/12VDC Isolated Converter
Power Conversion Reliability Without Compromise

The newly re-engineered PS915 volt converter has been immensely successful since its original development in 1989 for the radio communications market, with thousands in daily use. It has been robustly engineered for the harsh electrical and physical environment encountered in vehicles and radio huts. Its main design criteria was reliability without compromise, essential for operators of buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Omnitronics PS915 24 to 12 Volt Isolated convertor Picture

Unlike linear supplies, the output of the PS915 converter is completely isolated from the input via a transformer and opto isolator. This ensures that under no circumstance is it possible to have the 24Vdc input connected directly to the output.

Failure of a linear unit can often result in the main supply being directly connected to expensive radio equipment. Since there is no connection between the electronics and the housing, the supply is fully floating. This enables the equipment to be operated on positive earthed vehicles or vehicles which have earth switching for battery isolation. Linear supplies can often cause problems when battery isolation switches are operated incorrectly and an earth return is provided by the battery wiring. Inadvertent starting of the motor under these conditions can cause damage to the wiring harness.

An optional timing circuit application is available which interlocks the power supply with a vehicle's ignition system, disconnecting the unit 45 minutes after the ignition is switched off.

The PS915 is fully protected, is very efficient (80% at 10A output) and draws little current on stand by, typically less than 30mA.


Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Wider tolerance to input surges

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Higher conversion efficiency

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Lower output noise

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Lower stand by current


Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Mining vehicles

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Buses

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Emergency service vehicles

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Marine environment

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Radio huts


PS915 Block Diagram

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