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Telemetry and Wireless Data Systems

ELCO Electronics has had many years of experience with radio telemetry, and this continues to be our major push into new markets. Our work in remote areas coupled with in house design and engineering capabilities has enabled us to provide solutions for both simple and complex problems in various industries in a multitude of locations.

We work closely with our suppliers to maintain our product knowledge as well as to provide valuable feed back from customers in the field to further develop and enhance new and existing designs. This has resulted in a comprehensive support network being developed nationally, coupled with continued improvement and refinement of existing and proposed systems.

Our in house engineering expertise has developed proprietary systems in addition to modifying, expanding and configuring other manufacturer’s products.

As more companies progress to operating in difficult to access and harsher environments, we foresee a strong growth in the requirement for technical experience and innovative telemetry solutions.

Product Sales
Through our ongoing consulting and work with organisations requiring radio repair and installation services, we have assembled a range of products which is sold and supported throughout the world. Again, we operate in close alliance with our suppliers to ensure that our knowledge of the equipment is current and comprehensive.

We can provide products only up to fully supported turn-key systems. Some of the equipment supported is listed below :

Manufacturers and Equipment

ELCO Electronics MUSTANG ™ Series Radio Telemetry

Omnitronics 9000 and 9200 Series Radio and Land Line Telemetry

RF Innovations Radio Modems

Maxon SP-125 Series Data Radios

Transponder Technology 2-way Tag Data Transfer System

Aironet ™ Wireless LAN Equipment

Service and Installation

Although ELCO Electronics has its offices in metropolitan locations, we primarily operate in the remote areas of Australia as well as Asia, New Guinea and The Pacific Region. Our company aircraft, based in Cairns, gives us all weather access to most destinations in Australia and New Guinea within 12 hours and enables regular visits to customers not normally easily accessible by other means of transport.

Our technicians and engineers are experienced at working in these areas and a comprehensive range of our test equipment is packed in flight cases for easy transport. We have built good working relationships with a number of other companies with whom we have worked on projects around the world.

For further information on these or any other ELCO Electronics products or services, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at :


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