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For over 20 years, ELCO Electronics have been designing and developing a range of systems, from conception right through to final commissioning.

Commencing in the late '70s, when microprocessors were a novelty and people hadn't even heard of DOS, we built early sprinkler controllers and alarm systems based on what are now truly archaic devices.

Through our ongoing consulting and work with companies around the world requiring electronic engineering services, we continue to develop our in-house systems and extend our data base on the latetest devices avaiable. We operate in close alliance with our suppliers to ensure that our knowledge of the equipment is current and comprehensive.

Over a period of many years, we have conceived designed and manufactured a variety of different equipment ranging from simple DTMF keypads for the Department of Road Transport in South Australia, through welding controllers to a complex microprocessor controlled PC3 Orion communications simulator for the Royal Australian Air Force.

Some of these products have continued to be produced for other clients.

Our long experience with radio, telemetry and communications systems has helped us to further develop custom interfaces and controllers to link existing proprietary equipment. Our engineers can discuss any control, measurement or other problems you have with you and determine a suitable design and implementation strategy.

Examples of Customers and Installed Systems

Design, Construction, Software Developement and Commissioning of microprocessor controle P3C Orion communications simulator - Royal Australian Airforce

Traffic Control Communications Centre - Transport South Australia

Design and Manufacture of Remote Logging Anemometers - Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Design and Implementation of a Split Train Information System - State Transport Authority Adelaide, South Australia.

Design and Manufacture of a dual mode HF selcalling system - Telecom Australia.

Design and Manufacture of EPR Isolation Panels - Telstra Northern Territory, South Australia & Western Australia, Electricity Trust of South Australia

Implementation of a Satellite TV Retransmission System - Elliston, South Australia

Service and Installation

Although ELCO Electronics has its offices in metropolitan locations, we primarily operate in the remote areas of Australia as well as Asia, New Guinea and The Pacific Region. Our company aircraft, based in Cairns, gives us all weather access to most destinations in Australia and New Guinea within 12 hours and enables regular visits to customers not normally easily accessible by other means of transport.

Our technicians and engineers are experienced at working in these areas and a comprehensive range of our test equipment is packed in flight cases for easy transport. We have built good working relationships with a number of other companies with whom we have worked on projects around the world.

For further information on these or any other ELCO Electronics services, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at :


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