Radio Communications Equipment - Sales, Service and Remote Area Installation and Maintenance.

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Product Sales
Through our ongoing consulting and work with organisations requiring radio repair and installation services, we have assembled a range of products which is sold and supported throughout the world. Again, we operate in close alliance with our suppliers to ensure that our knowledge of the equipment is current and comprehensive.

In house paging systems have become another valuable technology, bringing metropolitan style alphanumeric paging to remote mine sites, town ships and a range of other applications.

We can provide products only up to fully supported turn-key systems. Some of the equipment supported is listed below :

Manufacturers and Equipment

Icom Commercial, Airband, Marine and CB Mobile and Portable Radios

RF Technology "Eclipse" Series UHF and VHF Repeaters and High Power Paging Transmitters

Maxon Commercial UHF and VHF Mobile and Portable Radios

Flight Brothers Antenna Masts and Towers

Omnitronics 950 series Radio Management System

Barrett HF Mobile and Base Station HF Equipment

Codan HF Mobile and Base Station HF Equipment

Bushcom Broadband HF Antennas

Design 2000 "TACT" Telephone Interconnects

Nera "Worldphone" Satellite Telephones

NEC Mobile Satellite Telephone Equipment

Service and Installation

Although ELCO Electronics has its offices in metropolitan locations, we primarily operate in the remote areas of Australia as well as Asia, New Guinea and The Pacific Region. Our company aircraft, based in Cairns, gives us all weather access to most destinations in Australia and New Guinea within 12 hours and enables regular visits to customers not normally easily accessible by other means of transport.

Our technicians and engineers are experienced at working in these areas and a comprehensive range of our test equipment is packed in flight cases for easy transport. We have built good working relationships with a number of other companies with whom we have worked on projects around the world.

For further information these or any other ELCO Electronics products or services, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at :


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