9611 RS232 to RS485 Converter
Bridging The Gap In Telecommunications

Conceived as a simple, inexpensive converter, the 9611 offers fast RS232 to RS485 conversion at a very low cost. The RS485 data stream is half-duplex, with both ports of the interface requiring only three connections.

The unit provides a DB25 female connector for interfacing to RS232 and a DB9 female for the RS485 interface. No RS232 control lines are needed, thus greatly simplifying wiring requirements for interconnection. Power requirements are 12 volts DC at 50mA via a 2.1mm DC socket.

The RS232 port can take advantage of modern PC serial cards fitted with a 16550 UART, allowing transmission speeds of up to 115k baud. Separate transmit and receive LED's are provided to indicate the current data transfer state.

On the RS485 connection, the 9611 detects the data stream direction and automatically switches between transmit and receive. No handshaking signals are required for this, which allows a simple two-wire (plus ground) installation to be used.

Supplied in a small ABS enclosure measuring 130x67x46mm, the 9611 has no settings to adjust or links to select, thus providing a simple, ready-to-go interfacing solution.


Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Simple 3 wire connections

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Fast data throughput - as high as 115k baud

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point RS485 drives up to 250m

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Standard 12V power supply


Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Driving an RS485 line from a PC serial port

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Providing RS232 from a simple RS485 2-wire network.

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