Family of Communication Handset Plinths

Enhancing Performance and Versatility

The 960 Series of handset plinths has been specifically developed to give you the best of both worlds - "On Hook" audio performance with greater volume, plus the privacy of handset performance. All the three units utilise the same kind of metal base, while alternative front panels and labels allow for product variations which can be tailored to suit your specific needs - making upgrades to any existing 900/960 combination simple and inexpensive.

Omnitronics Handset Plinths Picture


This practical unit provides a mounting base for any of the 960 Communication Handsets. Enjoy the benefit of louder and clearer audio via a larger speaker, which can either be switched through the handset's hook-switch or heard continuously. The choice is yours.


Designed primarily as an extension speaker for the 900 Series of communication interfaces, the 960PE allows for individual volume setting (independent of connected Handset or Console) and offers the option of 'cross-muting'.


Ideal for people who need more than a simple peripheral/interface setup, but don't require a full 950 Radio Management System, this unit provides the operator control of up to three channels. The 960PM has similar functions to the 960SC, with OFF/MONITOR/ON switches and individual LED's for busy/PTT status of all channels.


Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Large speaker for clearer audio

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Background monitoring available on multi channel system

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Simple to add to any existing system

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point 960PM will control up to 3 channels

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Enhanced audio quality and increased level

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Solid steel construction

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point 960PE allows for desk or wall mounting

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Retrofit kit available

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