960 CR Remote Controller
Remote Control For Consoles

Freedom of movement, whilst maintaining radio contact, has long been a requirement of radio operators. Now, Omnitronics can provide a complete and simple off-the-shelf solution to those currently using the 950 Radio Management System or the 960 Control equipment.

Whether it be moving position to study a map more closely or locating to a quieter area in the event of an emergency situation, being tied to a communications desk is often very inconvenient.

Utilising a low power UHF transceiver module (incorporated into the unit), the 960CR provides 16 user selectable channels in a band requiring no licensing when used in conjunction with a standard handheld. In most instance, this should be sufficient to provide each operator with a dedicated frequency.

The unit interfaces to the radio system via the handset port on any 960 Console and is powered via the interface lead. It can then be suitably positioned to provide the best coverage over the operator's range of movements.

When leaving the console position, the operator switches on the supplied handheld, which is then used as a normal two-way radio. Channel switches selected to the 'ON' position on the 960SC selector, will be included in the transmission as per normal console operation. The portable unit also has the option of a headset, allowing use in noisy environments or for when others do not wish to be disturbed by speaker level audio.


Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Remote operation of console position.

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point No radio licensing required.

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Portable unit is a standard commercial handheld.

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point 16 user selectable channels.

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point 960CR can be positioned remote from the operator.

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Powered via interconnect cable.

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