950 Radio Management System
Radio Network Control Solutions

In its simplest form, the 950 system can monitor and control 6 radio channels from a single operator position. From there, the system can be expanded up to 30 channels and 14 operator positions. The 19" sub rack format and modular design enables systems to be easily installed with existing networks and allows for future expansion needs.

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The 950 rack and associated cards serve as the audio matrix to cross connect channels to operator positions. The six channels per rack are reflected as six switches on a selector panel at the operator position. Each switch has three positions and can "monitor and transmit", "monitor only" or "not select the channel". Operating independently, the switches can be set in any combination to allow the operator to transmit or monitor on several panels at once. Multiple selector panes can be added together to cover the number of channels required.

The audio functions are provided by the standard range of 960 handsets and consoles. These can be configured to best meet the operator's requirements, from supervisors with total control, to a manager requiring monitoring only.

By listening to our clients, new technological developments have been added to further improve network management. Operators can now access a system several kilometres away. Mobiles can access the telephone network and vice versa using OEM telephone interfaces. Channels can be cross patched or linked under local operator or remotely from a vehicle.

The continuing support and expanding range of this high quality product makes it a market leader and allows system users and designers to confidently expand into the next century.


The console is the standard audio interface to the 950 system and can be stand-alone or integrated with a selector panel to provide a simple to use operator station. Facility sockets at the rear allow the operator to customise the console with desk microphone intercom and cross muting facility. A range of console types are available to meet network requirements such as 5 tone selective calling and Automatic Number Identification, (ANI). See the 960 series brochure for details.


The handset provides an alternative compact solution to monitor or control the system. A handset can be paralleled with a console and selector panel of another station, allowing audio functions only, or be fitted with its own handset selector to access the full function of the audio matrix.

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