933 4 Wire Line Isolation Unit
Bridging The Gap In Radio Communications

Designed primarily to interface the 9412AMU or 960/980AMC into a single PABX extension, the 933LIU allows for simple connection into an existing network. It provides isolated 4-wire audio and 'Off Hook' indication via a set of relay contacts.

The connection to the 9412AMU is via a 6-way port, with a 1 to 1 cable between. An 8-way port, with a flying lead cable, is used to interface to the PABX line and another 6-way port allows for control of the relay contacts on the PABX port.

The unit is fully approved to the TS001 standard. This allows for any non-approved audio equipment to be interfaced into PABX networks. It provides isolated 600ohm balanced 4-wire audio lines and bi-directional relay contact control lines.

Audio levels on both pairs are limited with back to back diodes and attached equipment is protected by low ohm series resistors and in line 'pico' fuses. Relays are enabled by applying 12 Volts DC to the appropriate control lines.

Supplied in a small "Jiffy box" enclosure (130x67x46mm), with mounting hardware and interface cables provided, the 933LIU requires no setting up and is very easy to integrate into an existing system.


Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Austel approved component (TS001).

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Easy integration into existing networks.

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Plug compatible with the 9412 Audio Management Unit.


Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Interfacing 9412AMU and 960/980AMC products into PABX systems.

Omnitronics Green Ball Bullet Point Isolating audio equipment.

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