Omnitronics 9200 Series Telemetry
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The 9000 and 9200 telemetry series of microcontroller based products provide an efficient, flexible and cost effective method for telemetry control and monitoring. Each system can work in the following configurations:

Alone as a Remote Process Controller,

A master/slave network with other 9000/9200 telemetry systems,

Or in a network controlled from a SCADA application.

Omnitronics 9200 Telemetry


Multiple communications ports: Radio, Landline, RS232, RS-485

LED indicators: processing, I/O activity

Communication/processor failure: relay output, LED indicator

Network capacity of 255 RTUs

The firmware can be customised to suit the client's application.

Communication Philosophies: Polled (Master - Slave), Event Reporting, PSTN

Additional Protocols: Modbus for SCADA applications such as Citect and Wizcon.

9000 Telemetry Series flat pack RTU telemetry equipment for small scale applications

9200 Telemetry Series sub-rack RTU telemetry equipment for large scale applications


The 9200 telemetry series provides rack mounted telemetry for installations that require control and monitoring of large numbers of I/O points. All of the modules in the series are based on the 3U Eurocard standard.

Each 9200 telemetry system can operate in a similar fashion to a 9000 telemetry system and can interface to 9000 Series RTUs.

9200/10 Processor - Low power 8-bit microprocessor based unit with multiple ports for radio, landline or computer communications. This card is capable of driving up to 13 other I/O modules.

9200/13 Multifunction Card - This is the newest member of our 9200 family of telemetry products. It allows for the cross coupling of a SCADA polling application and an RTU network that uses event reporting.

9200/21 Digital Input Card - Provides 24 digital opto-isolated or contact inputs.

9200/31 Digital Output Card - Provides 24 normally open voltage free relay outputs.

9200/40 Analogue Input Card - Provides 16 single ended analogue inputs with 8 bits of resolution. Various input configurations are possible including 0-5Vdc, 1-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA.

9200/50 Analogue Output Card - Provides 16 analogue outputs with a resolution of 8 bits.


Processor/modem module supporting multiple:24DI, 24DO. 16AI, 16AO, dual port serial and 8 pulse input modules.

Open collector, relay, opto-isolated, 8 & 12 bit IO options.

MODBUS, polled & event driven protocols.

PSTN, landline and RS232/485 communications.

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